Facial & Leg Veins/Rosacea

We always want a little touch up here and there: a straight nose, slimmer jawlines, fuller cheekbone, nicer chin…but most of us are afraid to go under the knife.  Medical aesthetic advancement has made yesterday’s painful procedure with prolong downtime into today’s no downtime over-lunch make over!  Appointed as Allergan’s physician trainer for North American as well as South East Asia region, Dr. Phoebus Wong is going to help you to find your “perfect combination”!

The following treatments can help to enhance your facial features:

GentleYAG Laser for veins

Vbeam Pulsed Dye Laser for Scar/Veins/Stretch Marks

Intense Pulsed Light by Lumenis One – IPL

Fractora Radio Frequency Micro Needle Resurfacing – Veins