Pigmentation, Spots and Mole Removal

Moles that appeared since early childhood, freckles & sunspots as a result of UV exposure, or those brown spots & melasma patches due to hormonal changes – these are all sorts of pigmentation that can appear on anyone’s skin.  While Dr. Phoebus Wong can treat certain conditions with topical cream to lighten the discoloration, combination treatment of topical products and treatments will be the best scenario for a more even out skin tone.

The following treatments can help to improve Pigmentation, Spots & Moles:

Intense Pulsed Light by Lumenis One – IPL

Fraxel DUAL Laser Resurfacing Treatment

Sinon Q-Switched Ruby Laser

VRM III Spectra Dual Mode Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser

Dermamelan Whitening Treatment

Radio Surgery and Excision for Mole Removal